The Commercial Register Zug, Switzerland, accepts Bitcoin and Ether as instruments of payment

Altug GuzeldereManaging Partner, Guzeldere & Balkan Law Firm

Another unique information from the Commercial Register Zug, Switzerland, was released on 2 November 2017: From 2 November 2017 on, any fees of the Commercial Register Zug can be settled with Bitcoin and Ether. Such progress was obtained with the help of Bitcoin Suisse AG, Zug, Switzerland. Bitcoin Suisse AG offers a solution to the Commercial Register Zug with which Bitcoin and Ether are accepted as instruments of payment without costs and further fees and without currency risk. Bitcoin Suisse AG provides for such payment process a „payment gateway“ or rather a „merchant site“, whereas the Commercial Register can invoice via such „payment gateway“ and such invoices can be settled by the customers with Bitcoin and Ether. After the payment, the Crypto currencies will be changed into Swiss Francs and transferred to the Commercial Register thereafter.

You will find the press release, unfortunately only in German so far, on

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