The benefits of cross-promotion

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We all promote our own businesses – we know our potential clients can benefit from our products or services and we want to show the world why working with us is a good decision.

We often look at other companies we affiliate with and try to use their marketing to support our own by taking tips and tricks of the promotion they do. What if we went a step further and utilised our affiliations to support each other’s marketing growth? This marketing method is known as cross-promotion.

Throughout this article we explore why cross-promotion is a good idea and the benefits it brings to your business.

  • Expand your reach – One of the biggest benefits of cross promotional activity is expanding your reach. Co-branded emails to potential clients, posting about one-another’s service offering on social media are all positive ways of cross-promoting and expanding your reach. By getting in front of another business’ audience, as well as your own, could see you more than double the amount of people who view your content, which in turn could mean more clients for your business – truly a win-win scenario.

  • Build reputation – By promoting your business through another organisations marketing channels, you could see your reputation improve. This is especially true if the organisation you are affiliated with has a good reputation and is perhaps more established than your own.

  • Cost effective – Cross promotional marketing activity is among the most cost-effective marketing strategies out there. If you already have strong business relationships, you can often agree to promote each other’s products or services without charging. This means you know that your marketing material will be seen in more places without paying high agency fees.

  • Marketing success – Cross promotion should not be taken for granted. It is widely accepted by marketers, globally, as being one of the most successful marketing strategies. If you are putting your content in front of an already existing audience of another firm, the chances are they are engaged with that firm as they have an interest in them or value their opinion. This often means the people viewing your material are more likely to become clients than they are with other, more traditional, marketing efforts like cold promotion via phone or email.

In summary, cross-promotion can be extremely helpful for your company. You need to ensure you partner with the right businesses to help expand your reach. If you are considering cross-promotion as a lower-cost, effective marketing strategy, consider the companies you are affiliated with and who might be best placed to support your growth. Then consider what you may be able to offer their promotional efforts.