The benefits of creating an international page on your site

Does your website show your business to its full potential?

The likelihood is, probably not. We never want to over-sell ourselves, or sing our own praises, for fear of looking self-important. However, why have all these beneficial offerings if no one knows about them?!

Your website is like a shop window to your business – where most people come to verify your authenticity, suss out your credibility as experts in your field, and (hopefully!) get in touch. You should be making the most of this opportunity.

Creating an international page on your site is a great way to start. This offers a range of benefits:

  • Showcasing official affiliations and memberships, going back to that credibility we were just talking about.
  • Giving an impression of size, demonstrating your global reach and network.
  • Demonstrating your commitment to knowledge sharing and staying at the forefront of your industry.

Finally, and not to get too technical, having pages with relevant content and links to other valuable sites makes your website rank higher for key search terms – increasing your visibility across the board.

It is easy to create one of these pages, filling it with your international experiences of being part of a global network, such as attending events, making new connections, and the work you have done together as a result.

IR Digital have created this useful “How To” video on this very topic, including where to find content and branding material for your new page.

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