Temporary Visa within the Non-Resident Visa category for U.S.A. citizens

In order to strengthen friendship and mutual cooperation ties between the Governments of the Republic of Panama and the United States of America, the Panamanian Government, by Executive Decree No. 181 of 2019, has created a Temporary Visa within the Non-Resident Visa category for those citizens of the United States of America who wish to enter Panamanian territory, with no purpose of establishing temporary or permanent residence in Panama; and with the intention of carrying out studies, investment, temporary and / or technical work or by labor transfer, for a term of one (1) year annually renewable for up to five (5) times.

The requirements to apply for this type of visa are the following:

  1. Visa Application Form.
  2. Three (3) photographs.
  3. Copy of the identity document of his/her origin country.
  4. Receipt of payment for immigration services in the amount of one hundred dollars ($100.00) payable to the National Migration Service.
  5. Hotel reservation or place of accommodation.
  6. Documentation corresponding to the economic / investment, academic or labor activity to which he/she is applying on the Temporary Visa.
  7. In case the applicant has dependents:
  8. Letter of responsibility
  9. Marriage or birth certificates that proves kinship.

To request the annual renewal, the applicant must submit all the requirements, except for the payment receipt for one hundred dollars ($100.00) in favor of the National Migration Service.

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