Tax deductions for office admin staff – How to boost your tax refund

Tax deductions for office admin staff include work related calls on your personal phone! (But no, a few calls doesn’t mean you can claim your whole phone.)

This one is for all the office administrators out there; the unsung heroes of EVERY business.

You are the organisers, arrangers, schedulers and geniuses who bring order and process together to make everything happen how it should. Suffice it to say, without you, the office melts into chaos. (You’ve seen your boss stare blankly at the “flashy thing” on the printer, right?)

So, here’s a big thank you to you all, the best way we know how. We thought we’d see how many tax deductions for office admin staff we can bring to your attention. It’s likely to considerably boost your tax refund this year.

Tax deductions for office admin: the basics

Work-related travel and car expenses
For admin staff, it’s common to use public transport or your own car for work-related travel.

For example: Do you need to deliver or pick up items from another office, shop or warehouse? Do you run other errands for your boss or anyone else at work during the day? It’s likely you regularly have to pick up the mail, stationery or food and beverages for meetings after you have arrived at work.

When you need to use of your own car or public transport for any form of work-related travel, and you pay for the fuel etc., you can claim the expenses in the office admin tax deductions section of your tax return. (Note this never includes driving between home to work.)