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Unfortunately, the world is under the spell of the coronavirus, also known as COVID-19 or SARS-CoV-2.

In addition to its very serious impact on the health, the virus affects society in many other ways. Shops and restaurants are being closed, lockdowns are being imposed, borders are being closed, festivals and other events are being cancelled, sports matches are being postponed etc.

The fear of a new economic crisis is also very great and very real.

In order to absorb the (economic) consequences for the population as well as possible, the Belgian government provides all kinds of support measures.

It is important to act quickly to tackle this corona crisis. For this reason, a power of attorney government has been formed and various ministerial decrees follow each other in rapid succession.

However, it is not easy to oversee all of this.

Are you overwhelmed by the abundance of rules and (fake) news about corona?

The multidisciplinary team of STUDIO LEGALE lawyers put their heads together (not too close) and made this COVID-19 vademecum.

The vademecum gives an overview of all the rules, (support) measures and do’s and don’ts.

The vademecum aims to give you an initial insight into the jumble of measures in the Flanders region in Beglium and deals with the most common questions, including practical tips on how to apply for support measures.

The following questions, among others, are dealt with:

– Does corona constitute force majeure, and what are the consequences of this?

– What if your travel plans are cancelled because of the corona virus?

– What about working from home?

– What about paying off your mortgage?

– What about the general meeting of your appartement building?

– Can you still go to your notary’s office?

– Can the bailiff still fulfil his duties?

– What about companies in difficulty?

– Is it still mandatory to start the alarm procedure?

– Is the general meeting of companies still to be held?

– What about the strict deadlines for obtaining a development approval?


Finally, the support measures for the self-employed, employers and employees are discussed and explained in detail, as well as other support measures (e.g. road tax, car inspection, energy bill subsidies, etc.).

STUDIO LEGALE lawyers tries to monitor the situation closely and will keep the vademecum up to date.

If you still have questions or problems after reading this vade -mecum, don’t hesitate to contact them!

This version is up to date until 31.03.2020.

Contributing Advisors

Christian ClementPartner, STUDIO | LEGALE