Sérvulo signs Diversity Charter on March 31

Published 04 May 2016 by Sérvulo & Associados

The Diversity Charter, an initiative of the European Union, is one of the voluntary instruments created with the objective of encouraging employers of various sectors (public, private, and private non-profit) to implement and develop internal policies and practices to promote diversity.

The EU, through its Europe 2020 Strategy, has stated how important it is for it and its institutions to grow intelligently, sustainably and inclusively. The implementation of the Diversity Charters throughout most of Europe has been one of the primary means of highlighting how fundamental is the adoption of concrete measures by institutions and companies that promote diversity and equality of opportunities at work regardless of race, ethnic origin, sexual orientation, gender, age, physical characteristics, personal style and religion.

Portugal is also joining the Cause and SÉRVULO is one of the companies that will make official their compromise by signing the Portuguese Diversity Charter on March 31.

In addition to this, at a European level, a platform is bring created to enable sharing amongst those organisations that implement and promote the diversity charter, allowing them to regularly share experiences and tools.