Senior Management Update (Aug 20)

Dear members,

We currently use our newsletter as the main channel for keeping you updated on IR Global business development & special announcements, events and a whole array of other important issues. However, it has come to our attention that not everyone is seeing these for various reasons. Having listened to this feedback, we will now be releasing a monthly update from IR Senior Management in email form to ensure you don’t miss any important information.

For reference, our inaugural senior management update is HERE

Referral & Communication Protocol

Members have many different reasons for joining IR Global, from wanting to increase their international presence to gaining more inbound business, to having trusted referral partners for outbound needs. The relationship between referrer and recipient is to be one of transparency and respect at all  times. IR Global  has a protocol in place for referring clients and best practices which is shared with members and discussed to ensure clarity during our conferences. It is imperative to us that our IR members are aware of our Referral Protocols which you can find HERE and within your online member area. The golden rule here is ‘The relationship between referrer and recipient is to be one of transparency and respect at all times.’

Also included in our Referral Protocols are Membership & Communication guidelines, which are important indicators for assessing membership renewals and whether each firm retains their status in the group. If you do have any questions on this please do contact your Client Manager who will assist you.

IR Guidelines – For handling marketing and advertising proposals.

Most firms recognise that they need to promote and market their service offering to increase exposure, generate new leads and grow their business. However, the marketing landscape can seem like a minefield and even when you have chosen a partner, it can be incredibly difficult to quantify value and return on investment. Furthermore, the proliferation of options, adds to the confusion and knowing which are even legitimate.

We are aware many of you receive unsolicited awards and proposals so with this in mind, we want to help you address the opportunities available to you. The following document aims to assist in the selection process by providing some practical steps that you can take to ensure that you don’t waste time and money engaging with the wrong partners. Please note – we are not to linked to any other groups/networks or individuals. If anyone claims any direct association with us, it is not true and please report it to immediately.

You can find our guide to handling incoming marketing and advertising enquiries HERE

* If you would still like a second opinion from IR management, please feel free to contact Business Development Director Ross Nicholls

Representing your IR Global Membership

Having our logo on your website and/or your own international web page showing your relationship with IR demonstrates your international capabilities. This is extremely important, not only to your existing clients but to potentially new ones. We would be happy to write some text on your behalf if you wish and can also provide examples of other IR members who have done this to great success.

If you do require assistance in creating an international page our Digital team can assist you for a minimal charge. Please contact to discuss further.

Finally, we again want to highlight that this update on various elements of IR will be sent you monthly and will reflect current & upcoming developments within the network.