Senior Management Update (Jul 20)

Our team have been in touch with more members than ever before offering support, advice and further ways to maximise memberships during this period. In a new survey by Forbes* remote working has seen a 47% increase in worker productivity which has certainly been reflected in feedback we have had from our members. This new way of working has sparked creative and innovative ways of connecting with the group, sharing information and preparing for future opportunities.

We are pleased to see that so many of you are working closely together to seek collaborative projects and strengthen business relationships moving forward. Despite it being a challenging year, we have actually seen an increase in reported referrals (based on year or year stats) since COVID-19 and the situation has also led to numerous virtual meetings being hosted by our working groups. You can view our most recent Quarterly Activity Report here. If you do require assistance with your membership and/or reporting your referrals, please make sure to contact your Client Manager as they are an integral resource.

Diversity & Inclusion:

Within IR Global, we believe whether it be through our team or members, that we are stewards of our company culture, responsible for cultivating an inclusive environment. We seek to engage change across the IR Global network and reduce bias; be progressive in our aims to attract a diverse pool of talent to the group, clearly communicate our Diversity & Inclusion Policy and create a flexible, agile and supportive environment for all. We all as individuals and as professional organisations play an important role in championing and promoting diversity and inclusion. You can read more on our policy here.

IR Virtual Event 2020:

We are pleased to announce that we will be hosting our first Virtual Conference spanning the month of October. This event will feature working group and regional calls, speaker led sessions, Q&As with our strategic partners and also in-depth updates from IR Senior Management. We will provide more details and the full schedule in due course.  If you would like put a content idea, yourself or an external speaker forward please provide a short brief on individual and topic(s) and send to our Events Manager Lorna –

IR Events 2021:

Please pencil dates in your diaries for our 2021 events. We are looking forward to getting back into full swing with our conferences and seeing you all face to face once again.

TICKETS ON SALE: IR ‘On the Road’ Conference, Bangkok 2021: 6th – 10th February, 2021

SAVE THE DATE: IR ‘Dealmakers’ Conference, Zurich 2021: 30th – 3rd July, 2021

SAVE THE DATE: ’10 Year Celebration ‘ & Annual Conference’ London 2021: 23rd – 26th October, 2021

For any event related questions please contact Finally, we want to highlight that this update on various elements of IR will be sent you monthly and will reflect current & upcoming developments within the network.