SDA Corporate Governance Conference 2019

Tine Mišic, LL.M.Partner, ODI Law Firm - Slovenia


Uroš Ilić, ODI`s managing partner, attended the annual Slovenian Directors’ Association (SDA) Corporate Governance Conference, held in Ljubljana on 14 November 2019. SDA is a professional, non-profit, and non-governmental organisation that brings together members of Supervisory Boards, Directors, and other stakeholders of corporate governance.

Traditionally outlining the latest trends and developments in corporate governance, the 2019 edition of the SDA Corporate Governance Conference focused on two key issues, namely the corporate purpose in modern governance, and the latest trends in corporate governance gender equality.

Engaged as a panellist, Uroš Ilić, the acting Chairman of the Supervisory Board of Port of Koper an Perutnina Ptuj, inter alia opined that having the corporate purpose embedded in the articles of association of a company would allow for swifter and more efficient assessment of accountability of management and supervision bodies.