Sanli Pastore & Hill, Inc. partners with Nigerian firm Deepleef Resources Limited.

IR Global Member Nevin Sanli, President and Founder of Sanli Pastore & Hill, Inc. (SP&H) announces that SP&H has strategically partnered with Nigerian firm Deepleef Resources Limited.  Since 1992, Sanli Pastore & Hill’s team has been sought-after for special situations requiring expert financial opinions in high-stakes circumstances. We provide expert opinions in transactions.  SP&H, with clients including Fortune 1000 companies across the U.S., as well as companies in Europe, Africa and Asia, has taken steps to broaden our scope by extending our diverse talents and services to Nigeria with Deepleef.

Together, SP&H and Deepleef can facilitate the successful resolution of business sales, shareholder exits, ESOP valuations as well as conflictual situations where mediation and arbitration will be supported by thorough and independent analysis.

The valuation methodology and practices developed and proven by SP&H can be transferred and practiced in Nigeria by Deepleef Resources Ltd, by taking into account the country’s economic parameters. This will allow us to provide your firm and clients with a uniquely robust due diligence and advisory services developed and improved in a tested and highly practiced litigation environment like the USA.

We trust our companies’ combined experience, unrivalled research, expert advice, and in-depth analyses will be of use to your firm and look forward to scheduling a call to discuss our services further.

With Genco Sanli and Nike Tinubu at the helm, Deepleef is a strategy and corporate finance consulting firm, which has the capability to act as independent counsel and along with SP&H, will be available to provide an unmatched quality service of international standards in valuation, transaction advisory and forensic analysis services.

Our financial opinions include valuations for shareholder buy-outs/disputes and company reorganizations; contentious divorces; fairness and solvency opinions; business succession and planning for large estates; economic and forensic analysis; damages/lost profits calculations; and special situations requiring company financial analyses.