Rwanda, The Awakening of a New Dawn

Published 09 October 2019 by M. ABAYO LAW FIRM

Rwanda is a landlocked country located within the great lakes’ region of East Africa. Its 26,338 square kilometres are dominated by highlands, giving it the name “Land of A Thousand Hills” and it is 120km south from the equator and the language predominate in Rwanda is Kinyarwanda. However, English and French also form part of its official languages. Its capital is Kigali, which is located in the heart of the country with its all-year-round temperature ranging between 24 to 27 degrees Celsius.

Rwanda strives to be a middle-income economy by 2020 by taking the bit and pieces to revamp itself as the number one preferred investment and tourist destination in Africa. Rwanda’s security and safety are impeccable as it has been ranked as the safest place to walk at night in Africa by the Global Technology Report 2015.

It is quite interesting to observe that within the African Region, Rwanda is among the countries that offer an attractive environment to start a business, set up a business and operate a business venture. Rwanda offers incentive package to investors in its attempt to make the country an investor-friendly nation where there is no minimum capital requirement for an investor to register his/her project coupled with its Sustained High Economic growth of 8.16% average year-on-year real GDP growth rate from 2007-2011, stable inflation and exchange rate, investors are promised of a good return on their investment.

In addition to this, investors are guaranteed equal opportunities in accessing the Rwandan market with over 10 million people who fall within the rapidly growing middle class. Rwanda is also a hub for rapidly integrating East Africa, which is located centrally bordering 3 countries in East Africa, part of EAC Common Market and Customers Union with a market potential of over 125 million people.

There are unlimited investment opportunities for investors to take advantage of and harness their potentials. These investment avenues are found within the energy sector, the infrastructure sector, the agricultural sector, the real estate and construction sector, the financial services, mining sector and the information and communication technology sector. Moreover, investors receive both fiscal and non-fiscal incentives within the key priority sectors.

As the old adage goes “all work and no play make Jack a dull boy”, Rwanda has a unique and wide range of attractive beauty scenes which inspires tourist and attracts people all over the world. Tourism in Rwanda has a way of connecting mankind to nature and helping mankind understand the importance of nature. In the end, investors from different parts of the world meet, interact and share some fun time together.

As cited by CNN Travel, Rwanda is one of the world’s most desirable travel locations in the world and according to the current World Bank Doing Business Report, Rwanda is the 2nd country with the ease of doing business in Africa after Mauritius. You are warmly welcome
into this region and be rest assured that you have an amazing time.