Russia shuts all cross-border transportations, Moscow reinforces restrictions – March 30 updates

Published 01 April 2020 by Schneider Group

Today Russia has introduced a restriction of all types of trasnportation through its borders. It will cover all types of checkpoints. There are rare exceptions implied for the inhabitants of Kaliningrad region and Russian citizens living in Donetsk and Lughansk regions.

Additionally the Mayor of Moscow has reinforced the restrictions on citizens self-isolation.

We now update you on the new measures implemented by the Russian Government and Moscow Mayor.

  • Starting March 30, 2020 all transportation through Russian borders are temporarily restricted, including through vehicle, railway, pedestrian, river and mixed boarder checkpoints under the Russian Government’s ruling.
  • Some new exceptions are also included as follows:
    • Those persons, who permanently live in Kaliningrad Region, going by train from one place in Russia to Kaliningrad Region and back. They must have an entry in their passport proving permanent residence in the Kaliningrad Region.
    • Russian citizens, who permanently live in separate locations of Donetsk and Lugansk Regions (Ukraine) and havw the local Russian passport.

The new Moscow Mayor’s Decree dated March 29, 2020 No. 34-UM implements the following new main restrictions, effective as of today March 30, 2020:

  • All citizens must follow the ‘social distance’ of 1.5 meters, except for passengers or baggage transportation services
  • All organizations must follow the same ‘social distancing‘ at their premises and territories
  • All citizens (without any limitations) must retain the self-isolation regime at home, except for:
    • Employees from the companies who have been exempted from the non-working week rule and retain their business operations (e.g. supermarkets, pharmacies and other providers of essential services and infrastructure) )
    • Purchasing essential goods and foods, discarding rubbish, or walking a dog within a 100 meters of home
    • Those persons who have a special pass issued under the Moscow Government’s decree (the rules on this special pass are still subject to clarification, but it is expected to be special QR-codes assigned to each affected person through the Moscow Mayor’s website).
  • City transportation passes are subject to the relevant extensions for the whole period of the mass isolation of people

Those persons, who are duly registered as unemployed (except for those who are dismissed for cause or having an employment track record in 2020 less than 60 calendar days) are subject to payment of the additional regional allowance. Such an allowance for unemployed would be up to RUB 19,500 and all additional payments would be effective from April 1, 2020.