RSP eligibility criteria change

Now refocussing on something that is actually important, hopefully by now, those of you entitled to make a resurgence support payment claim due to the present Alert Level changes, have already lodged your application and been paid out.

However, if you have a new business, you may have felt you lucked out due to not being able to satisfy the requisite six-months in business eligibility criteria. Well from 8am on the 9th of September, all this is about to change, the six-month qualifying criteria is being reduced to one-month, so as long as you commenced your business prior to 17th July 2021, you will now be entitled to make a claim (satisfying all the remaining criteria of course – 30% decline in revenue being the main element).

Now remember that the RSP is a single one-off claim to assist with rent and other fixed costs during the higher Alert Level period – calculated as $1,500 plus $400 per FTE employee up to 50 employees (max payment $21,500). I suggest no hurry in making your claim (purely from a cut-off perspective) however, as its going to remain open until we’ve all been back at Alert Level 1 for a month, and sadly I think that is a long way off yet.