Redirection International closes new financial advisory deal

Adam PattersonPartner, Redirection

Initially under a leasing modality, the merger places under Lar’s management a large industrial complex formed by a plant with a capacity to slaughter 175,000 chickens per day, a feed factory and a grain receiving unit, one of the leading slaughterhouses in Paraná state. 

With this operation, Lar is expected to reach the mark of 700 thousand birds slaughtered per day, with the expectation of reaching 900 thousand birds by 2023. 

Lar is one of the largest cooperatives in Latin America. In 2019, the company had revenues of R $ 6.95 billion, an increase of 6.84% in relation to the previous year, and the expectation is to close 2020 with R $ 10 billion in revenues. 

The Lar brand is present in approximately 300 products (canned, frozen, chicken cuts, in addition to grains, mainly corn and soybeans) and exports reach North America, Europe, Asia and the Arab countries.


Contributing Advisors

João Caetano MagalhãesPartner, Redirection

Gabriel Loest CardosoPartner, Redirection