Reconnecting Europe with Asia: Riccardo Benussi Returns to Asia After 2 Years Away

28 months since relocating from Shanghai, China to Munich, Germany in July 2020, our Director of Europe, Riccardo Benussi will be visiting partners, clients and colleagues in and around our New Delhi, Singapore, Batam and Jakarta offices between November 4th – 31st.

“After having returned from Shanghai in 2020, the thought of returning even for only a month to the stunning and intriguing part of the world that is Asia, is exciting to say the least. I look forward to meeting my colleagues and hearing from local institutional and professional partners about what has changed in the last two years, while getting a sense of things that are only palpable by being on the ground.” Riccardo shared about his upcoming trip.

“A lot has happened from the early days of Covid-19, from lockdowns and swabs to curfews and quarantines, but ground has been covered by us here in Europe with the opening of an entity in Germany and countless appointments to explain business opportunities in Asia.”

“Now it is time to freshen up the whiteboard.  In fact, as the journalist Carlo Levi wrote In 1957 in his “Buongiorno Oriente” from his reports from India ‘maybe it’s a necessary destiny for that every personal novelty and emotion must rise from a separation, a sacrifice, a spiritual cutout of a part of oneself.’”

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