PVM Avvocati joins IR as the exclusive Employment Law (Corporate) in Italy.

International Referral, the world’s largest exclusive network of advisory firms is delighted to introduce Pietro Marzano of PVM Avvocati. Pietro has joined IR as our exclusive Employment Law (Corporate) in Italy.

PVM Law Firm has a long tradition of service to businesses and provides a legal advisory service and legal defense of its clients since 2001.

PVM has assisted its clients in restructuring and merger and acquisition’s of companies, in the development of start-ups, in the drafting of international trade agreements, in the restructuring of credit, in matter’s of intellectual property (trademarks & patents) and in matter of product origin (“made in”), providing its partners with a clear and professional response to the needs of an increasingly growing business.

Pietro Marzano is the Founder and Partner of PVM, a law firm with offices in Milan, Rome and Naples. He specializes in labor law, company restructuring, taxation law, commercial law and M&A in Italy. 

Mr. Marzano has previously served as the Commissioner at MATT (Italian Ministry for the Environment, the Land and the Sea); Council Member at VIA (the Italian Environment Evaluation Authority) and as member of a panel of experts to reform the agrarian Italian law (appointed by Ministry of Agriculture and Forestry). He advises companies about legal issues in developing new business such as solar plants, gasification plants and aeolian plants.

If you have a requirement in this area, please get in touch with Pietro directly or with the International Referral head office for an introduction.