PS Global Korea Co., Ltd, Member firm Daehyun Accounting Corporation, 대현회계법인, an Associated Company joins IR as the exclusive Accounting Services Member in South Korea

Published 18 December 2019 by PS Global Korea Co., Ltd(formerly Global Payroll Outsoucing Inc.), an associate company of an accounting firm in Korea.

IR Global, the world's largest exclusive network of advisory firms is delighted to introduce Philip K. Woo of PS Global Korea Co., Ltd, Member firm  and  Daehyun Accounting Corporation, 대현회계법인, an Associated Company. Philip has joined IR as our exclusive Accounting Services Member in South Korea.

First of all, it is our great pleasure of having this opportunity to introduce our firm, Daehyun Accounting Corporation(DAC), an affiliate of PS Global Korea Co., Ltd. to you.  As you might be aware, doing business in a foreign country like Korea brings you lots of problems and issues to overcome from the standpoint of accounting, tax, HR, finance, language, audit, M & A, compliance and other business consulting matters.  Thus, finding a reliable external One-Stop service provider like our firm who can assist you from the set up of your business in Korea until its repatriation at the end is very much essential for your successful business expansion in Korea.    

DAC is one of the higher-ranked among 180 accounting firms in Korea and was a former exclusive correspondent firm of PKF Int’l Limited which is one of the top ten worldwide accounting networks. Our Partner, Philip K. Woo, who had over 30 years of accounting practices including over 10 years with Price Waterhouse, is leading the Int’l Dept of DAC to serve its foreign clients since 2002. Philip and his colleagues of the Int’l Dept of DAC are globalized local experts on accounting, tax, audit, M&A and business consulting services required by MNCs doing business in Korea.

If you have a requirement in this area, please get in touch with Philip directly or with the IR Global head office for an introduction.