Proposal to amend the General Labor Law

The Council of Ministers approved the proposal for the new General Labor Law, which will revoke the current Labor Law No. 7/15, of 15 June. The main changes, in view of the current regime, stand out in the rule of the individual contract of indefinite duration and in the regulation of remote work.

Concerning to the work contract, this will, as a rule, be concluded for an indefinite period, being admitted for a fixed term in specific situations, as it was in force in Law No. 2/00, of 11 February.

Regarding the remote work, this will be considered as a special contract, along with others, now included in this new General Labor Law: the service commission contract, the sports work contract, the domestic work contract and the artistic work contract.

It is important to emphasize that the proposed amendment will also focus on the following aspects: (i) to the rules on nullity and voidability; (ii) to the worker’s personality rights; (iii) to the conditions applicable to specific groups of workers; (iv) to the labor discipline; (v) to the modification of the legal-labor relationship; (vi) to the occupational health services; (vii) to the organization and work time duration, especially regarding vacations and the granting of paternity leave (viii) to the interruption of work; (ix) to the consequences of non-payment of remuneration; (x) to the causes of termination of the work contract.

Finally, it should be noted that the aforementioned proposal will not regulate matters relating to the forms of dispute resolution, such as mediation in the Inspectorate-General of Labour or the Conciliation Hearing in the Attorney General’s Office of the Court in the District of Luanda, insofar as these will be regulated in the new Labor Process Code.

António Vicente Marques – Sociedade de Advogados, RL.
Luanda, March 2022

It should be noted that this Legal Alert does not include an exhaustive analysis of the Draft and does not in any way exempt the need for a new analysis when the new General Labor Law is published.

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