Private Equity – Virtual Valuation Panel Webinar

Nevin Sanli, ASAPresident & Founder, Sanli Pastore & Hill

Date October 29, 2020 Time 11:00 AM – 12:00 PM PST

Private Equity is having a unique year and is learning how to be successful in this challenging environment. When it comes to valuation, Private Equity firms will tackle a variety of complexities when they are reconsidering comparable revenue, EBITDA, and other valuation metrics for Q4 and pricing new targets.

This virtual panel discussion, attended by the leaders of the Private Equity industry from, BDO USA, LLP, Sanli Pastore & Hill, Empower Growth Capital and Bardi Co. will discuss their experiences and observations as we move forward addressing the following:

  • Specific COVID-19 valuation considerations
  • Valuation methodologies to account for uncertainties

Industry specific valuation challenges – Retail, Real Estate, Technology


Salman Ali – Director, BDO USA, LLP


Nevin Sanli – President, Sanli Pastore & Hill
Jack Isaacs – Managing Partner, Empower Growth Capital
Sylvia Blount – VP, Bardi Co.
Chrissa Qui – Managing Director, BDO Valuation


LaToya Henry – Event Marketing Manager