Privacy, Data Protection and Cybersecurity

Steven De Schrijver

Partner, Astrea

European Union: The Upcoming Changes To The EU’s Cybersecurity Framework, published in Mondaq, 22 june 2021

Our contribution explains the current cybersecurity policy of the EU, and the proposals included in the European Commission’s new EU Cybersecurity Strategy proposal : Security and 5G networks, Security Operations Centres, a joint Cyber Unit, and a strong encryption, and also all you should know about the Directive, informally called NIS 2.0.

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Belgium : A Proposal For Belgian ‘Privacy Rulings’: Towards More Approachable DPAs?, published in Mondaq, 9 April 2021

A recent legislative proposal to amend the act governing the Belgian DPA seeks to create a system for obtaining advance rulings for envisaged data processing situations. This system, if it makes it into Belgian law, could provide an interesting addition to the GDPR’s framework which would allow the DPA to assist organizations more proactively to comply with the GDPR, rather than doing so reactively after damage was caused. How would this new mechanism work ?

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The Belgian Chapter to the Mondaq comparative guide to cybersecurity, published in Mondaq, March 2021

Does Belgian law distinguish between ‘cybersecurity’, ‘data protection’ and ‘cybercrime’ ? What are the key statutory and regulatory provisions that address cyber in Belgium ? Do any cyber statutes or regulations have extraterritorial reach? Steven De Schrijver and Jan van Loon answered the questions of The Mondaq Comparative Guide to Cybersecurity which provides an overview of some of the key points of law and practice and allow you to compare regulatory environments and laws across multiple jurisdictions.

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The Privacy, Data Protection and Cybersecurity Law Review: Belgium, published in The Law Reviews, 21 October 2020

This contribution sets out the most important Belgian laws relating to privacy and data protection. It will look into the Belgian implementation of the GDPR and its first results, including some of the most important fines that were delivered by the Belgian DPA as of May 2019 (when it became fully operational).

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