Presidential Order nº 112/18

Presidential Order nº 112/18  – creates the Installing Commission of the National Agency of Petroleum and Gas (ANPG).

 The present diploma is part of the National Petroleum Sector Organization’s Readjustment program, which aims to ensure greater political coordination, elimination of conflicts of interest, increased transparency, efficiency and fostering the creation of conditions for internal and foreign investment.

 With the creation of this agency, it its mainly intended to cease with the monopoly currently held by SONANGOL-E.P., which will focus exclusively on the hydrocarbon sector. The mentioned commission will be coordinated by the National Director of Petroleum, Amadeu Paquete Terra Correia de Azevedo, as well as 6 elements.

 Among the various attributions of the ANPG, the creation of material and technical conditions for the installation of the ANPG, namely, the appointment of its Board of Directors; the definition of the detailed model of migration of the National Concessionaire of SONANGOL-E.P. for it; definition of the employment model and termination of existing employment contracts of employees of SONANGOL-E.P.; scheduling of transfer of the assets of the National Concessionaire; identification of critical processes and procedures to be changed, among others.

 Finally, the aforementioned committee is extinguished by the constitution of the ANPG and the appointment of its Board of Directors