Presentation in Dubai Regarding Business Opportunities in Paraguay

Next week, the Paraguayan Minister of Industry and Commerce and his principal advisors are going to be making a presentation in Dubai, regarding Business Opportunities in Paraguay. 
The event will be held on January 17 (next tuesday) from 08:15 to 9:30 am at the Burj Khalifa.
This is a great opportunity for business purposes between The UAE and Paraguay. It is also important to mention that Paraguay and The UAE are entering into a Bilateral Investment Treaty. This iniciative took place after noticing that during 2015, Paraguay was the biggest provider of soy & other commodities to The UAE. 
Neverthless, commodities are just one of the strong features of the Paraguayan market. The demand in the construction sector, the lowest income tax rate in the region as well as the investment climate in general in our country, make this land an attractive port for business from all over the world. 
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