The need for high reactivity in even more competitive environments

In a post COVID-19 economy, slowly recovering from a sudden stop, investors face a significant trend of strengthened competition initiated by an abundance of funds and a contraction of targets’ profiles. This is undoubtedly has consequences on M&A projects. Investors looking for assurance tend to favour the same kind of business models, such as those […]

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New Strategic Advisors

The changing role of modern accountants

March 2018

The traditional role of the accountant has been to provide bookkeeping and audit services to their clients in line with regulatory and tax bodies of whichever jurisdiction they belong to. […]

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Frédéric Meunier

Managing Partner & Founder, Squareness

Cross-Border Company Formations:

Finding the right structures to meet client expectations

August 2017

International expansion has many challenges ranging from accessing new markets, absorbing new regulations and sourcing new employees. Before all this can happen though, the way a company is structured needs […]

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