A Week in Review

Unconditional gifts IS IS 20/09 was released by IR just prior to Christmas, and provides commentary on the subject of unconditional gifts and GST. Determining whether a payment made to a non-profit body is an unconditional gift is important from the non-profit body’s perspective, both in establishing whether the payment is subject to GST as […]

Richard AshbyPartner, Gilligan Sheppard

Wissam Abousleiman of Abousleiman & Co participated in The Art of Deal Making: Using External Expertise Effectively

Foreword by Andrew Chilvers For ambitious companies eager to expand into overseas markets, often the conventional route of organic business development is simply not fast enough. The other option to invest in or buy a business outright is far quicker but often fraught with unforeseen dangers. And even the biggest, most experienced players can get […]

Wissam AbousleimanManaging Director, Abousleiman & Co

Member Spotlight – Let’s work together: why the world came to San Diego

Dave Thompson combines his passion for logic and his innate skill with numbers to help small businesses and their owners increase profits, reduce tax liabilities and push through the opportunities and issues that strengthen businesses. He excels at establishing a strong and personal relationship with domestic and international clients, and actively collaborates with them on […]

Dave ThompsonPartner, Hutchinson and Bloodgood LLP

Member Spotlight – Scaling cliffs, crunching numbers and the art of problem solving

Richard has had over 30 years experience with NZ taxation, and particularly enjoys dealing with land tax issues and the GST regime. He deals with clients of all types and sizes and provides tax opinions on the appropriate treatment of items of income and expenditure, assists clients with IRD risk reviews and audits and can […]

Richard AshbyPartner, Gilligan Sheppard

Abousleiman & Co Success Stories

Our Firm, with a sense of duty towards maintaining professionalism, credibility & transparency, is committed to creating value & finding solutions for client sustainable growth. Since 1971, we have continued to evolve our working mentality to encompass economic, social & environmental matters whether engaged with public, private or non-for profits organizations on local or international […]

Wissam AbousleimanManaging Director, Abousleiman & Co