Darius Davenport to Serve on the Norfolk Innovation Corridor Board of Directors

Norfolk, VA – Crenshaw, Ware & Martin is proud to announce that partner Darius Davenport was appointed to the Norfolk Innovation Corridor board of directors. The 33-member board of directors focuses on the development, master-planning, programming, branding and marketing, public awareness, community-building, and economic growth of the Norfolk Innovation Corridor. Mr. Davenport chairs CWM’s Cybersecurity […]

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Re-Alignment Framework

The COVID-19 pandemic has severely impacted the global economy. Many enterprises, especially smaller and micro businesses, have been adversely affected and continue to face unprecedented challenges. The assumptions and bases upon which businesses structured their affairs and obligations have fundamentally changed. Despite the swift introduction of multi-faceted relief measures to provide assistance to businesses, contractual […]

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Payment Services (Amendment) Bill Introduced – Payment Services Providers to Anticipate Changes

On 2 November 2020, the Payment Services (Amendment) Bill (the “Bill”) was introduced to amend the current scope of the Payment Services Act No. 2 of 2019 (the “PS Act”). According to the explanatory brief issued by the Monetary Authority of Singapore (“MAS”), the Bill seeks to introduce legislative amendments to the PS Act to align […]

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Peter Doraisamy

Managing Partner, PDLegal LLC

Chip Wagar

Founding Partner, Wagar Hickman, LLC

Legal Opinion – Time Charter

In a time charter, the duties of the shipowner are to provide a seaworthy vessel, to effect loading and stowage, to sail keeping the itinerary ordered, to effect discharge and delivery of the cargo to receiver. In case the vessel is chartered in its entirety, the shipowner is also prevented from offering possible unused space […]

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Indian Ports & Terminals – SAROD-Ports: Shipping Ministry’s Game Changing Redressal Mechanism:

Authored by: Gautam Bhatikar | Senior Partner Legasis Partners, Mumbai India The Ministry of Shipping, Government of India (Ministry) has been proactively attempting to ameliorate the Major Port Sector in order to create an environment conducive to investment. The Ministry, in its bid to, increase and encourage the participation of private players in Public Private […]

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Admiralty Act reigns over Insolvency Laws: Bombay High Court rules

The Indian Admiralty/ and Insolvency regime have been effectively revamped over the last couple of years. Prior to 2016, there were a multitude of convoluted legislations dealing with the insolvency process which failed to provide an efficient and time bound resolution to stakeholders. In 2016, following an exhaustive public consultation and recommendations process, the India […]

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COVID-19 in Israel – Legal disputes over the Second wave

Israel – with a population of 9 million – has reported 99,599 coronavirus cases and 795 deaths. Businesses have been reopening subject to health regulations and policies, schools and universities are planned to open under restrictions after the summer vacation, and culture events will reopen soon. Yet, the second wave consequences and rapid increase of reported […]

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Labour claim /Representative’s liability

A seafarer, employed onboard a vessel by virtue of an employment agreement entered into with the ves­ sers managds representative, sued for unpaid amounts. He sued the owner, the manager, and two individuals as manager,s consecutive representatives. The Court found all defendants were liable. Apart from the owner, joint and several liability applies for the […]

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Gautam Bhatikar participates in the IR Virtual Series – International Contracts: How has the global pandemic impacted international contracts?

Foreward by Andrew Chilvers The COVID-19 pandemic is one of those once-ina-lifetime events that few people predict but which affects everyone – individuals, businesses and governments. During the past four months the pandemic has caused huge disruption to companies across the globe as many have suddenly found it impossible to fulfil their contractual obligations. From […]

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Legal Opinion – Ownership and exploitation of vessels

The exploiter of a vessel is the party which uses, for its own account, a vessel belonging to another party. Exploitation refers to the maritime activity like the transport of goods and / or people, towage, fishing for profit. Exploiter has the maritime command of the vessel, and the will to exercise the maritime activity […]

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