Martin Kennaugh

Aviation Director, ICM Wealth

Hong Kong: a world where the old and the new live side by side

Hong Kong SAR Hong Kong Limited Partnership Fund (“LPF”) Regime Hong Kong is the second largest private equity hub in Asia after Mainland China. As an international financial centre, Hong Kong has a vital role to play in the Funds Industry, and is committed to strengthening its position as a jurisdiction of choice for Private […]

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China: the land of opportunities for foreign investors

Mainland Foreign Investment Law China’s Foreign Investment Law became effective on 1 January 2020, replacing old laws each of which was applicable only to a certain type of entity set up by foreign investors. Key features of the Law include the following: Old laws provided incentives (such as tax holidays) and imposed restrictions on foreign […]

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Gaining Trust by Registering an Ultimate Beneficial Owner

New directives in Cyprus this year require Cyprus companies and legal entities to register an ultimate beneficial owner as a part of initiatives to improve transparency within the European Union. Compliance with these regulations is crucial for maintaining healthy business practices legally and improving the structure and image of a company on a global platform. […]

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Loo Meng Gee On Can My Expertise Be Turned Into A Biz

WATCH HERE Loo Meng Gee started her own business after spending her initial years as an accountant and an auditor. She currently helps companies to maintain their corporate accounts and statutory obligations. In her speech, she shared about: 02:07 Her family background 03:20 Her career journey 04:36 Her company, its origins and how her past […]

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India Puts End to Retrospective Amendment for Indirect Transfers

The Indian Finance Minister has introduced a crucial tax-policy move announced on 5th August, 2021 with introduction of a Bill in the Parliament to undo a retrospective amendment carried out in 2012. Fundamental changes were carried out in the Finance Act of 2012 by which Indian Income Tax law was amended, retrospectively, to reverse the […]

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Pearse Trust joins IR as the exclusive Corporate Services Member in Ireland

IR Global, the world’s largest exclusive network of advisory firms is delighted to introduce Joseph A. Hickey of Pearse Trust. Joseph has joined IR as our exclusive Corporate Services Member in Ireland. Joseph A. Hickey is the Founder of the Pearse Trust Group which incorporates SMART MBS. He provides over 30 years’ experience of advising 500+ […]

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Private Market Investing Webinar: Challenges, Opportunities & Signs of Success

Private Market Investing: From approach to fulfilment, challenges, opportunities & signs of successful private market investing. Edward Allanby of Leman Management, an IR Global member, is hosting an online event: Private Market Investing: From approach to fulfilment, challenges, opportunities & signs of successful private market investing at 4-5pm BST Tuesday 13 July and would like […]

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Session on Changes and Challenges to Economy, Taxation & TP following Covid-19

IFA APAC CONFERENCE & IFA INDIA BRANCH – JUNE 3, 2021 Covid effects on economy and taxation at the conference held by International Fisacal Association India Branch along with APAC chapter Click here for an online conference held by IFA India with APAC region. Click here for the slides corresponding to the online conference

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Joseph A. Hickey

Founder, Pearse Trust

Providence Management Services Pte. Ltd are happy to be part of IR Global.

Ms. Loo Meng Gee, the Managing Director of the company, is our founder director. With over 20 years of experience at firms including DBS, MSD Consultants (Wholly owned Subsidiary of Temasek) and Changi International Logistics Centre Ltd, Meng Gee, a FCA with an MBA as well as an accredited tax practitioner in income tax and […]

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