Pre-Launch Legal Steps for Startups

The launch of a new business can be an exhilarating period. Allowing that rush of enthusiasm to push you into a hasty, ill-organized launch, however, could all but ensure your new enterprise’s failure before it has even opened for business. I usually recommend that business owners begin discussions with our Arizona-based law firm from four to six […]

Matthew HarrisonPartner, Harrison Law, PLLC

Don’t Wait Until Legal Problems Strike — Get to Know an Attorney Now

A sudden, unexpected legal crisis can afflict a business at any time. Theft by an employee, a sudden health-related event such as the world experienced this year, a discrimination or harassment claim, issues with contractors or landlords, intellectual property infringement, and other serious matters can place you in urgent need of skilled, experienced legal counsel. […]

Matthew HarrisonPartner, Harrison Law, PLLC

Introduced New Case Of Required Initial Mediation

With the intent of favouring the alternative resolution of disputes that, predictably, will be, more and more, in the near future, numerous due to the epidemiological emergency from Covid-19, the Italian legislator, with the Law Decree 28/2020, has introduced a new case of compulsory mediation by inserting a new paragraph (6 ter) in art. 3 of […]

Alexander GebhardOf Counsel, de Bedin & Lee studio legale associato

Matthew Harrison participates in the IR Global Guide – Crisis Management: Surviving and thriving in a post-pandemic world

Foreward by Andrew Chilvers Businesses across the world are undergoing the biggest remote working experiment since Europeans first sailed from their home ports to set up trading posts in Asia 500 years ago. This time around, however, companies are moving colleagues out of their plush city centre locations to set up offices at home. What […]

Matthew HarrisonPartner, Harrison Law, PLLC

Matthew Harrison participates in the IR Global Real Estate Virtual Series – Weathering The Crisis: What Future For Real Estate?

Foreward by Andrew Chilvers Real Estate across the globe has taken a huge hit by the Covid-19 crisis as businesses and retailers close indefinitely, while customers are locked in their homes. In the US and UK, the ‘brick-and-mortar’ retail sector has been in a sensitive state for some time as people have been deserting the […]

Matthew HarrisonPartner, Harrison Law, PLLC

Mexican courts suspends activities due to coronavirus outbreak.

Dear clients, colleagues and friends: As is widely known, the World Health Organization (WHO) recently declared coronavirus disease (COVID-19) outbreak a pandemic, situation whereby both, the Federal Judiciary and the Mexico City Judiciary, as well as the Federal Court of Administrative Justice and the Mexico City Court of Administrative Justice, among other jurisdictions, have declared […]

León Felipe Aguilar JiménezPartner, CAMYA