5 Tips For Chasing Invoices Without Annoying Your Clients

When you’re a small business owner, sole trader or freelancer, asking for payment on overdue invoices can be a delicate matter. Without an accounts person or department, sometimes you’re trying to secure new work and chase invoices from the same person. That can be an awkward tightrope to walk. Here are five tips for chasing […]

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Close Contact Exemption Scheme

Critical services businesses provide key infrastructure, and are part of critical supply chains. Businesses can access the Close Contact Exemption Scheme to ensure their critical services functions can continue. During Phases Two and Three of the Omicron response, employees at businesses who are registered critical services providers who are vaccinated and asymptomatic close contacts of a […]

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E-Invoicing Protects You Against Invoice Fraud

Is your business using e-invoicing? It’s a fantastic way to protect yourself and your customers from invoice fraud and scams, and it can help you get paid faster. E-invoices replace emailed PDF invoices or links to online invoices. Instead, e-invoices are delivered securely to your clients, even across different accounting systems. Preventing invoice fraud Invoice […]

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Valuation of Proprietary Technology

This publication provides insights on valuation of proprietary technology. Technology-based intangible assets protect or support technology and may include, patented technology, in- process research and development, unpatented technology, computer software etc. In general parlance, the terms are used interchangeably. However, in dealing with the valuation of technologybased intangible assets, understanding the exact nature of the […]

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Hend Nassar

Business Development Manager - Tax Consultants,
Dar Alnuzum

How to Setup Project Office in India

Foreign companies incorporating private limited company for executing a limited period contract in India and face lots of legal compliances from starting to closing of the company which wastes lots of time and recourses of the company. In order to make entry and exit easy for a foreign company who wants to execute a project […]

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Jason Pang

Associate Partner,

Startup India Recognition and Benefits

Startup India is a flagship initiative of the Government of India which launched on 16th January, 2016, the Startup India Initiative has rolled out several programs with the objective of supporting entrepreneurs, building a robust startup ecosystem and transforming India into a country of job creators instead of job seekers. These programs are managed by […]

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World Trademark Review – Brand valuation: the how, what, when and why

Brand valuation is most beneficial when strategising, not when faced with change Report should initiate conversation, rather than focus on dollar-amount or ranking Supplemental reporting would bridge the gap between traditional financial reporting The traditional lines between industries have blurred. Take Amazon for example. The e-commerce behemoth is a tech company, a retail company and […]

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