Human Services Operators: Don’t Apologize for Making a Profit

Human services providers are the unsung heroes of our communities. Most didn’t seek out this career; we somehow fell into it. And yet we then became directors, CEOs, and owners of companies. This was often because of a personal experience, sometimes concerning a friend or family member. For this reason, most people who run human […]

Rachel BoyntonManaging Director, Vertess

Foreign Companies Doing Business in the United States

01. Forms of Business Organizations U.S. Corporation A corporation, having limited personal liability, is the form of organization most common in the US. Many of the procedures and requirements are similar to those relating to the formation of companies in the UK, except that a US Corporation is formed at the state level and is […]

Robert HobermanManaging Partner, Hoberman & Lesser CPAs, LLP

Beneficial Owner Disclosure

SECTION 56 CA 2016 Company requires every member to disclose BO effective 1 March 2020. BO REPORTING Only those holding 20% interest or more or those who control the entity require to disclose. EXEMPTION FROM REPORTING Financial Institution Public Listed Companies Public Un-Listed Companies where shares are still in central depository Securities Commission licensed Companies […]

Chin Ee LinDirector, MYBA

Florence J Black and Dave Sheppard of MedWorld Advisors participated in The Art of Deal Making: Using External Expertise Effectively

Foreword by Andrew Chilvers For ambitious companies eager to expand into overseas markets, often the conventional route of organic business development is simply not fast enough. The other option to invest in or buy a business outright is far quicker but often fraught with unforeseen dangers. And even the biggest, most experienced players can get […]

Florence BlackFounder, MedWorld Advisors

DOs and DON’Ts to Help Avoid Collection Problems

Many companies run into problems with customers or clients not paying their bills on time — or not paying at all. The best way to avoid uncollectible bills depends on several factors — such as whether you sell products or services and the type of payment practices that are customary in your industry. For example, payment […]

Robert HobermanManaging Partner, Hoberman & Lesser CPAs, LLP

Handling Pension Plans for National Guard Members and Reservists

If your business has employees who must interrupt their employment in order to serve in the National Guard or the military reserves, you probably know about the law requiring you to reinstate them once they’ve returned from service (with certain specific exceptions). But you may not be aware of your obligations regarding pension benefits. For pension […]

Robert HobermanManaging Partner, Hoberman & Lesser CPAs, LLP

7 Expiring Tax Breaks For Individuals

Several significant federal tax breaks are set to expire at the end of 2020 unless Congress renews them. Lawmakers customarily extend these so-called “extender” provisions for another year or two, sometimes retroactively. However, in this tumultuous time, nothing is certain.  In the face of that uncertainty, you should consider the following seven tax breaks that are scheduled to […]

Robert HobermanManaging Partner, Hoberman & Lesser CPAs, LLP

Use Existing Technology to Find Fraud

The best way to uncover fraud is to use software built specifically for that purpose. But fraud detection software can be expensive and may require major resources to put in place and monitor. An alternative is to leverage your company’s existing technology and resources in ways that will help uncover internal and external crime. Keep in […]

Robert HobermanManaging Partner, Hoberman & Lesser CPAs, LLP

Tax Implications of Holding Precious Metal Assets in Your IRA

Given today’s stock market valuations and historically low interest rates on fixed-income investments, some IRA owners may be interested in moving some funds from equities and low-risk securities (such as Treasuries and money-market funds) to precious metals. Before you invest in gold, silver or platinum, however, here are some federal income tax issues to consider. Precious […]

Robert HobermanManaging Partner, Hoberman & Lesser CPAs, LLP