How You Can Increase the Value of Your Healthcare Company

by David Coit, DBA, CVA, CVGA, CM&AA, CBEC Owners of healthcare companies, practices, and agencies often ask us how they can increase their businesses’ market value. Buyers determine the value of a business based on return on investment and riskiness of the investment. Business owners create value by increasing the return on investment and decreasing […]

Bradley Smith ATP, CMAAManaging Director/ Partner, Vertess

Is Your Estate Plan Aging as Gracefully as you Are ?

A lot can change over a lifetime — including with your wealth, family composition, and priorities. That’s why you need to revise your estate plan as you progress through life. Milestones such as becoming a parent and retiring can require everything from estate plan edits to estate plan overhauls. Here are some of the issues you […]

Robert HobermanManaging Partner, Hoberman & Lesser CPAs, LLP

Differences between an affiliated branch office and a subsidiary

There are many differences between branch offices and subsidiaries, amongst which it is important to bear in mind the following differentiating characteristics: Legal entity. A branch office is not an independent legal entity, but rather it depends completely upon the parent company. A subsidiary is a proper legal entity. Share capital. A branch office does not require […]

Paul Urrutia SubinasPartner, LEIALTA

KCC Group joins IR as the exclusive Business Advisory Services Member in India

IR Global, the world’s largest exclusive network of advisory firms is delighted to introduce Sharad Kohli of KCC Group. Sharad has joined IR as our exclusive Business Advisory Services member in India. Dr (CA) Sharad Kohli: As a celebrity entrepreneur Dr. Sharad Kohli is the Founder & Chairman of KCC Group having diverse business interests. […]

Sharad KohliManaging Director, KCC Group

Intellectual Property: Protect Your Company From Disaster

One of the most costly — yet easily prevented — disasters for any business is the failure to secure ownership of intellectual property. Here are some details company owners and executives should know: Under the law, the ownership of copyrights and inventions may actually belong to your independent contractors and employees, unless there is a prior […]

Robert HobermanManaging Partner, Hoberman & Lesser CPAs, LLP

Portuguese Golden Visas: tighter rules are coming in 2022

Amid a profound economic crisis, the Portuguese government created in 2012 a programme called golden visas that intended to incentivize the much-needed foreign investment. This initiative grants a residence permit to non-EU citizens who invest in Portugal, either by acquiring real estate, transferring capital to the country, or creating jobs. Since then, this initiative has […]

Miguel TorreSenior Management Consultant, EWP Business Consulting

What is the role of a legal representative?

Are you thinking about opening a business in Spain but don’t really know where to begin? Have you heard about the role of a legal representative? Read on to discover what they do and how they can help you. A legal representative facilitates companies not currently established in Spain to buy and sell in our country. This legal representative can […]

Paul Urrutia SubinasPartner, LEIALTA

Setting up a company in Spain: how changes in the parent company affect the affiliated branch or subsidiary

Do you want to set up a business in Spain? Do you have concerns about how changes in the parent company may affect the affiliated branch or subsidiary? In this post we put to rest your concerns and explain what consequences any changes in the parent company may have on the business that has been established […]

Paul Urrutia SubinasPartner, LEIALTA