Andrea Tomlinson participates in IR Global Guide: International Expansion: Building your Business Overseas

Foreword by Andrew Chilvers Despite these uncertain times, expanding overseas can be a key driver for future growth for an ambitious business. International expansion can breathe new life into a company, drive huge value and set it on a path of continued success. Expanding a business overseas is a strategic opportunity that will help diversify […]

Risk and Uncertainty for Durable Medical Equipment: 3 Issues to Watch

by Chris Nielsen While I would never claim to have a crystal ball, I can tell you that there are a few issues that will likely have significant effects on respiratory-focused durable medical equipment (DME) companies going into and during 2021. Here are three that stand out. 1. The Presidential Election The differences in the […]

Bradley Smith ATP, CMAAManaging Director/ Partner, Vertess

Tax obligations when setting up a business in Spain: be careful!

The tax obligations when setting up a business in Spain are inescapable for any entrepreneur, wherever they come from. If you are a foreign businessman or woman and have decided to invest in our country, you have made an excellent decision: the current situation is perfect to make business in Spain. Though, even being a foreign business your company […]

Javier MartinezPartner, LEIALTA

What Divorcing Homeowners Need to Know

As if the COVID-19 crisis hasn’t done enough damage, some reports indicate that the extra stress and too much forced togetherness may be causing some married couples to file for divorce. This article covers the federal income tax rules that apply to a divorcing couple’s principal residence. Gain Exclusion Home sales often occur during or […]

Robert HobermanManaging Partner, Hoberman & Lesser CPAs, LLP

Small Businesses: Are First-Year Depreciation Write-Offs Right for You?

Under today’s federal income tax rules, your business may be able to claim big first-year depreciation write-offs for eligible assets that are placed in service in the current tax year. But that strategy might not be right for every small business every year. Here’s what you should know before claiming 100% first-year bonus depreciation or […]

Robert HobermanManaging Partner, Hoberman & Lesser CPAs, LLP

Information All Employers Should Know to Protect Their Businesses

Revenge is the most frequent motive for computer sabotage committed by once-trusted company insiders, according to a study issued by the Department of Homeland Security. So while companies are busy fending off outside attacks from hackers, they must also watch out for devastating acts of cyber vandalism carried out by disgruntled current or former employees […]

Robert HobermanManaging Partner, Hoberman & Lesser CPAs, LLP

Don’t Overlook a Roth IRA if You Are Self-Employed

Saving for retirement on a tax-advantaged basis should be on nearly everyone’s financial “to do” list, though in this current economic crisis, you may need to put it on the back burner for a time. Making contributions to a Roth IRA is one tax-wise way to save, because you can take withdrawals after age 59 […]

Robert HobermanManaging Partner, Hoberman & Lesser CPAs, LLP

The Value of an M&A Advisor From Those Who Used One

by Rachel Boynton, CM&AA At VERTESS, we are often asked what value we can bring to sellers as they decide to sell their business. We often talk about our large contact list of buyers and our experience as a business operator/owner and seller or as a merger and acquisition (M&A) advisor. However, a study conducted […]

Bradley Smith ATP, CMAAManaging Director/ Partner, Vertess

Hoberman & Lesser is Proud to Celebrate our 90th Anniversary! Commemorating Nine Decades of Service, Quality, and Results

Since Hoberman & Lesser was founded in 1930, the world has changed dramatically, but what has not changed is our mission, vision, and values. We are still 100% dedicated to our clients and their goals. We are very excited about the progressive and service-oriented Firm that we are today and look forward to the future. […]

Robert HobermanManaging Partner, Hoberman & Lesser CPAs, LLP

The IRS Releases This Year’s Dirty Dozen Scams

Each year, the IRS compiles a list of 12 common tax scams that taxpayers may encounter during the year. This year, the “dirty dozen” list focuses on scams that target individual taxpayers, with special emphasis on aggressive and evolving schemes related to COVID-19 tax relief. Included on the list are scams related to Economic Impact […]

Robert HobermanManaging Partner, Hoberman & Lesser CPAs, LLP

How to set up a business in Spain from a foreign country

Today we will explain how to set up a business in Spain without creating a subsidiary or branch company. As you already know, Spain is a country full of business opportunities that many foreign entrepreneurs are beginning to discover. After a hard period of global economic crisis, the country seems to be recovering and certain areas such as tourism, […]

Paul Urrutia SubinasPartner, LEIALTA