Technology & Disputes:

The Impact of New Technology on Litigation and Dispute Resolution

September 2020

For the legal sector, COVID-19 has been a huge catalyst for change globally. Overnight, almost all legal advisors decamped en masse from their expensive mid-town and city offices to their […]

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Fairness & Impartiality:

Are Witnesses Truly Independent in Your Jurisdiction?

March 2020

Global commerce is by its nature a complex beast and it is inevitable that sometimes disputes arise between companies doing business across the world. As more international deals are signed […]

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COVID 19 Information for Employers

Brought to you by: HealthnetworkFoundation Delivered by: Dr. Paul Auwaerter, MD Clinical Director for the Division of Infectious Diseases Johns Hopkins University School of Medicine HealthnetworkFoundation Service Excellence Awardee Please note that this discussion is based on information that is known as of March 13, 2020. A Point of Clarification on Terminology:• COVID 19 is […]

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Nicholas V. Chen features in the IR Global & ACC collaboration Publication “A Jurisdictional Guide of how to Manage Risk in Multinationals”

QUESTION ONE – When representing a client with significant business activities in foreign jurisdictions, what are some key risk-related concerns that arise in a cross-border context and how can a parent company minimise such risk? There are 3 major types of China risk: (i) Jurisdictional Risk, (ii) Organisational Risk and (iii) Operational Risk. The latter […]

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IR Global Member Meeting – Dave Sheppard visits Nicholas V. Chen & Juan Carlos Madrigal

Dave Sheppard of Medworld Advisors recently met Nicholas V. Chen & Juan Carlos Madrigal of Pamir Law Group in Taipei, Taiwan. Dave is IR Global’s exclusive Business Advisory Services member in US-Massachusets, whilst Nicholas & Juan are IR Global’s exclusive Mergers & Acquisitions and Anti-Corruption members in China & Taiwan. Nicholas had the following to say: […]

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#IRAMSTERDAM19 – Headline Sponsor – Nicholas V. Chen

Whilst in Amsterdam Nicholas V. Chen of Pamir Law Group sat with IR Global, after introducing his firm and their areas of practice he then goes on to discuss his experience within the IR Global network and how the network has benefited him and his clients, his referral activity both inbound and outbound and how […]

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Morocco’s Attijariwafa bank gets $5 billion from China’s ExIm for Africa export fund

RABAT (Reuters) – Morocco’s Attijariwafa Bank said on Friday it had agreed with State-owned Export-Import Bank of China (ExIm) to set up a 5 billion dollar fund to promote African exports to China and industrial zones on the continent. The fund, to be financed by China’s ExIm, will invest in the African countries where Attijariwafa […]

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Meeting of IR Global Colleagues: Dominic Wai travels to Taipei, Taiwan to meet with several IR Global Members

Dominic Wai of ONC Lawyers (exclusive White Collar Crime member in Hong Kong) recently travelled to Taipei, Taiwan and was able to visit the offices of three IR Global Members.  Firstly, here we see Dominic at the offices of Pamir Law Group, meeting recent IR Global Amsterdam Headline Sponsor Nicholas V. Chen (left, exclusive Mergers & […]

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Pamir Law Group welcomes Vera Law

Nicholas V. Chen of Pamir Law Group had the pleasure of welcoming Valeriano Del Rosario of Vera Law (Del Rosario Raboca Gonzales Grasparil) to his offices in Taiwan. Both Nick and Val have been members of IR for a long time and have attended numerous conferences, it’s great to see our members catching up.

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Taiwan Investment Immigration for Hong Kong and Macau Families

Under Taiwan law, qualified “Hong Kong/Macau Residents” can obtain a Taiwan passport and ID Card without renouncing their Hong Kong/Macau status by investing at least NTD 6 million (~USD200,000) in a Taiwan company and meeting a residency requirement. READ MORE HERE

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IR Digital in conversation with Juan Carlos Madrigal – Pamir Law Group

Juan Carlos Madrigal of Pamir Law Group spoke with the IR Digital team in London, Juan speaks on his firm Pamir Law Group, the challenges foreign entrepreneurs are facing in China, who should worry about partner selection in China and why people should look to work with Pamir Law. Juan Carlos divides his time between […]

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