Policies Applying to Employees Working From Home

This document provides guidelines for businesses with employees who are working from home. A draft policy is below.

Using this Policy
1) If the arrangements regarding work from home are clear and unlikely to change frequently, specify them in the policy under the heading Eligibility. (See the blue text below).

2) If the arrangements regarding work from home vary frequently and vary for different employees, then delete the section in blue text below but ensure you specify the terms of these arrangements clearly to each employee when they are determined.

3) Review the other terms below carefully and customize them for your organization if required.

4) Present this policy to affected employees so the terms are properly understood. In particular, make it clear that this policy is designed to benefit the employer AND the employee. It also contains guidelines which may help the employee adapt to working from home.

5) Get affected employees to sign and date the below policy.

6) Get legal advice to ensure this policy complies with regulations in your region.

View the full document HERE