Peregrine launches own Podcast

Nick KellyDirector, Peregrine Corporate Services

Today is a very exciting day for us – we have launched our very own podcast called “Front Line”. On our podcast, we will be speaking to individuals on the front line of business to hear their thoughts and opinions on communication, leadership, management, mentoring and networking.

In Episode #1, we chat with David Bell, Founder and Director of PCD Club. David shares his experience on building a community and network, and how he is developing his business in the current climate. We also discover how David learnt his trade, his management style and his top tips for you to grow your own network.

Thank you so much for your time David, we really appreciate it! To listen to the Front Line, please go to SoundCloud or Apple Podcast. We will also be launching the podcast on YouTube in the very near future. We hope you enjoy listening!