Overview on Draft Bill of Job Creation: Identification on the Employment Matters

The Indonesia government has formally submitted the draft of the Omnibus Bill on Job Creation (“Draft Bill”) to the House of Representative / Dewan Perwakilan Rakyat (“DPR”) in early February 2020. The Draft Bill introduces various reform which is intended to impress the investors in order to accelerate the investment and ease of doing business in Indonesia. The Draft Bill will amend or simplify a number of regulations related to licensing procedures, investment requirements, employment, immigration, and so forth with the main focus of creating jobs.

In this Legal Insight edition, we highlight some of the employment matters discussed in the Draft Bill.

Identification on the Employment Matters: We have managed to provide the analysis on the Draft Bill in employment-related matters, which cover among others, the employment agreement (Fixed-Time or Indefinite Time Employment Agreement), employment of foreign workers, outsourcing, working hour, and so forth.  We also provide a comparison between the current provisions to the Draft Bill.

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