Oklahoma delegation to Dutch Design Week and Creativity World Forum

Published 24 October 2017 by CCK Strategies, PLLC

For the past year through my role as Chair of the Oklahoma Governor’s International Team, I have had the opportunity to develop a relationship with innovative entrepreneurial contacts in the North Brabant region of the Netherlands. Last fall I was invited to come back to attend Dutch Design Week in Eindhoven NL and the Creativity World Forum in Aarhus, Denmark, in partnership with a fellow local organization, Creative Oklahoma. For the past year, we have collaborated with our entrepreneurial colleagues in North Brabant to create an organization that would provide the platform for a sustainable relationship between the innovative ecosystem of Oklahoma and those with similar attributes in North Brabant.

The results of that year-long collaboration has resulted in a delegation of 15 Oklahomans heading to Eindhoven, NL this week to participate in the inaugural meeting of the Network of International Creative Entrepreneurs. We are excited to be a part of this opportunity to bring the creative and entrepreneurial resources of Oklahoma to such a dynamic ecosystem… and bring some opportunities and relationships back to Oklahoma!

Attached are a few links that tell a bit about where we are going:



I look forward to sharing the results of this mission for Oklahoma with you when we return.


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