October Meetups!

As well as our Annual Conference in Barcelona, there were lots of other member meet ups throughout the month.

Our community continues to grow to over 1,300 members across 170 jurisdictions worldwide, based on the principles of friendship, trust, and a shared belief in going beyond the traditional role of the adviser.

Over the month, the following meetings have taken place, arranged by our members:

  • Alberto Predieri from de Bedin & Lee studio legale associato (Italy) met up with Aliff Fazelbhoy from ALMT Legal, Advocates & Solicitors (India) and his wife wife in Milan for dinner.
  • Jayson Schwarz from Schwarz Law Partners LLP (Canada – East) and his wife Jacky were happy to meet with Shai Kuttner from Synergy Business Lawyers (Netherlands) and his wife Ingrid.
  • Oksana Howard from Colman Coyle (England) met with Kieran Leahy of Illume Investigations (New York).
  • Lucy Duncan and Reuben Fevrier from Arnold Hill & Co LLP (England) had a good meeting with Stephane Bellanger of CBM Audit & Conseil (France).
  • Ahmad Belgore of Belgore, Olufadi & Co. (Nigeria) met with Saifullah Khan of SU Khan (Pakistan).
  • Neil Montgomery from Montgomery & Associados (Brazil) meets Hervé de Kervasdoué from BG2V (France) and Christian and Alexander Roth from Rothpartners (France).
  • Olivier Rivoire from Bory & Associés (Switzerland) met Mertcan Ipek from IAS Partners (Turkey).
  • Several members at the IBA 2022 Convention in Miami

Please keep sending us your photos when meeting other members, we really love to see it! 😊

Charly ✌️