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Yachts Manning

Yachts with a total length of up to twenty-four (24) meters are permitted to be chartered out without a captain or crew. Such yachts are governed by a skipper, who shall be hired by the owner and deemed to be a servant thereof, as provided specifically in the charter party. Registered seafarers being recruited to such yachts shall be insured exclusively in Seamen’s Insurance Fund (NAT). Unregistered seafarers are still insured in accordance with art. 16 para. 6 of L.3232/2004.

Companies which own or manage such yachts may transfer members of permanent or auxiliary staff to another yacht only if there is a joint management company of the International Safety Management (ISM) Code and a written management contract between the two shipowners.

GDPR Websites Compliance

Greek Data Protection Authority has issued a circular inviting entities operating websites to comply with GDPR, underscoring that much has yet to be done in that field.

Indicatively, lack of informing the user of trackers even not requiring user’s consent, use of Google Analytics without granting to him the choice to accept or refuse or even without informing him, informing in general only about trackers, existence of “approve” option only and prevention from continuing in the content of the page if not opted, option to reject exists at a second or third level requiring more clicks than approval, are some bad practices described by the Authority.

The Authority invited controllers to comply until 25th April 2020. The covid19 crisis which meanwhile emerged, should not lead controllers to defer corrective action, as this can take place (and also be checked) remotely.

COVID 19 & Labour Provisions

Employers affected by Corona virus COVID 19 may suspend the employment contracts of their entire personnel or part of it, for 45 consecutive and non-revocable calendar days. Furthermore, employers affected by COVID 19, and for as long as the business is affected by COVID 19, may apply the safe operation employment system, which provides: a. an employment period of two (2) weeks minimum – consecutive or non-consecutive- per month, and b. application to 50% of the personnel minimum per week.

Employers suspending as above the employment contracts of part of their personnel, may apply the safe operation employment system for the rest of their employees.

By way of exception, employers seriously affected by COVID 19 may agree with their employees under suspension to work via tele-employment exclusively in order to meet temporary business requirements. Such arrangement can apply to 10% maximum of the employees under suspension.