New eDesk Module for Submission of Information | CSSF Communication

Evelyn MaherPartner, Bonn Steichen & Partners

On 8 December 2020, the CSSF issued a Communication regarding the introduction of a new eDesk module (the “Communication” and the “eDesk Module”), announcing the progressive digitalisation for the reception and processing of a series of requests, including both those submitted at the initiative of the interested parties and those to be submitted following a specific request from the CSSF.

The Regulator identifies two types of requests as falling under the scope of the eDesk Module at this stage:

1. requests regarding the information to be produced under the CSSF Circular 15/612: these are the information that both registered and authorised AIFMs must produce when they begin to manage a new unregulated AIF or a new regulated AIF established in a third country;

2. ad hoc requests initiated by the CSSF, regarding information related to AML supervisory measures; the entities involved in this case are all the Investment Fund Managers (UCITS management companies and AIFMs, including their Luxembourg branches), the internally managed UCITS, AIFM and non AIFM.

The Communication specifies that as of 8December 2020 the only possible channel to submit information relating to these two matters is the eDesk Module.

All the information related to the creation of user accounts are detailed in the lower section of the eDesk portal homepage.

The CSSF is expected to issue further communication regarding other requests to be submitted via the eDesk portal.