Neisha Shepherd attending the London IR Global Conference

Published 22 September 2015 by NLS Law



Neisha Shepherd will be attending the IR Global Conference in London from September 27th 2015. The event will be a fantastic opportunity for IR members from across the globe to share business stories, opportunities and to build valuable connections.

“The event title this year is ‘An Original Composition’, a concept built around classical music. Metaphorically, it takes many elements to create a piece of music or build a network, as the saying goes ‘the whole is greater than the sum of its parts’. In addition to this though, I believe the difference between a good or great piece of music / network is intangible and the emotion which it creates. One of our goals during this event, is to share a new message and create such a feeling. Thus helping us together become the number one choice of any forward thinking, innovative business or individual.” – Thomas Wheeler, IR Global MD.

To get in touch with Neisha during her stay in London, please visit her IR member profile and contact her directly.