Most At Risk Sector for Cyberattack?  IR Global Members Just Look in the Mirror! 

Through the Cyber Market Pulse, IR Global partner eosedge Legal, continue to alert members of risks as well as opportunities arising from the cyber market. Sometimes the news about risk, particularly when speaking of cybersecurity, is not good. Guess what sector faces the highest risk of cyberattack? 


Various annual reports are produced by industry groups and vendors.  The Verizon DBIR Report, released annually, is full of cyberattack data.  In its 2021 and 2022 reports, professional services dominated the industries most attacked – and if combined with financial services (where professional services are part of the industry make-up), are more than three-times more likely than any other industry to be attacked!    

And, not far behind are small businesses.  According to Verizon DBIR data, businesses with less than 10 staff are very susceptible to attack and compromise.  Data going back to 2019 showed that 43% of all cyberattacks were against small to medium-sized businesses.  Moreover, the global disruption caused by geopolitical tension in both Eastern Europe and the Pacific Rim point to an overall heightened risk of cyberattack.  Yet, contrary to common belief, victim companies are often not so much targeted but simply caught up in the dragnet of cybercriminals scanning for vulnerable systems or buying hacked credentials on the dark web.

eosedge Legal has available cyber risk assessments using its unique CyberGaps® tool and offers a prepaid Cyber Crisis Team through OnCall Cyber™.  More episodes about becoming cyber ready, like this webinar 2021 will be announced in 2022 in partnership with IR Global.  Please contact our trusted partner, Doug DePeppe, at eosedge Legal to discuss improving your cyber hygiene.   

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