Minerva Newsletter March 2017

Published 20 March 2017

March 2017

Welcome to the Minerva Newsletter

Those of you who are close to one of our key markets, Kenya, will know we have been waiting for more news to emerge around the Tax Amnesty announced in last year’s budget. As you will read, the Revenue Authority issued Guidelines last week, however these included a sting in the tail, which I feel means this story has further to run and we will update you as events unfold.

Staying with the Africa theme, Ganessen Soobramanien from our Mauritius office makes the case for Mauritius being the domicile of choice in which to incorporate a holding vehicle investing into Africa. Such are the benefits it was difficult to restrict Ganessen to a single page however I’m sure you will find his case very persuasive. 

I am always delighted to see Minerva respond to the needs of our clients and the markets in which we operate, so I was particularly pleased when Minerva’s Diversified Deposit Trust was launched earlier this month. For conservative families looking for a low or no cost succession planning strategy this Jersey trust really is attractive.

Moving to the Gulf region, the merger of the RAKIC and RAKI registries allows Ras Al Khaimah to offer a single registry meeting the highest global standards and my colleagues in our Dubai office have taken the opportunity to bring you up to date with the transitional arrangements.

Family and philanthropy are both very close to my heart, so I am pleased to see this edition includes an update on the fundraising efforts of Minerva’s staff in support of our Legacy Project, and also an article in Asian Wealth Magazine concerning relationships in business, using my family as an example.

We continue to develop corporate business in the Asia-Pacific Rim, and Gavin Wilkins has just returned from another round of speaking engagements in Kuala Lumpur, Bangkok and Singapore. The article in this newsletter however concerns the general benefits of listing on London’s NEX (formerly ISDX) exchange, which are by no means restricted to the Far East and are equally applicable to growing companies in any emerging market. 

Finally, it was good to see Jersey in the press for all the right reasons and I’m sure you will find the information concerning Jersey’s value to the UK and Europe particularly interesting.

I hope you enjoy this edition of our newsletter, as ever, I would welcome your feedback.


Vipin M. P. Shah