Member Spotlight – Energetic, passionate, and wise; after years of practice, New York lawyer Michael Einbinder is proudly at the top of his game

Michael Einbinder has developed an enviable reputation as a tenacious, practical, and savvy advocate, for his work as a commercial litigator and especially for his representation of clients in the franchise law field over the past 40 years.

While Michael’s experience is best measured in decades, the founding partner of Einbinder & Dunn still gets the same buzz working on a case as when he first started. This, and the enjoyment he gets from collaborating with his experienced litigation team is part of the reason he has no plans to slow down any time soon.

“There is an enormous amount of work to do to get ready for a trial, but it can be really fun to do,” he says. “Once you get started, you just go into high gear and your adrenaline flows and the endorphins get going.”

“I get into the zone. It could be being able to pick out facts that came from one of the thousands of documents I looked at to prepare for the trial. Or remembering that in the second paragraph of certain a letter my client or the other side wrote something important that I can bring out to help the case – for me that’s exciting.”

“There is an art to it, and it can be really challenging, and it’s interesting to do. It’s competitive, which I enjoy. Cross examination is can be really fun.”

“It can be very rewarding to solve a problem and be helpful to a client.  This is especially true in his litigation practice. Business disputes can be very stressful for clients.  Winning a case for a client can sometimes be the difference between going out of business and succeeding in their life’s work. We represent a lot of entrepreneurs and their businesses can mean everything to them.”

He enjoys all aspects of his firm’s areas of practice, from the franchise work (including counselling small businesses interested in expansion, diligence on acquisitions, and drafting franchise disclosure
documents, among other things), to the trial and litigation work he is so well-known for, and complex transactional work he is often involved with.

It isn’t just the litigation side Michael enjoys – he also relishes deal making. “This is a thing that’s not uncommon among litigators; we spend so much time fighting that every once in a while it is good to talk to someone who’s on the same page to get a deal done,” he says.


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