Meeting of IR Global Colleagues: Dominic Wai travels to Taipei, Taiwan to meet with several IR Global Members

Dominic Wai of ONC Lawyers (exclusive White Collar Crime member in Hong Kong) recently travelled to Taipei, Taiwan and was able to visit the offices of three IR Global Members. 

Firstly, here we see Dominic at the offices of Pamir Law Group, meeting recent IR Global Amsterdam Headline Sponsor Nicholas V. Chen (left, exclusive Mergers & Acquisitions and Anti-Corruption member in China and Taiwan)

Dominic & Nick2

Here we see Dominic at the offices of Deep & Far, meeting C.F. Tsai (right) and one of his colleagues (exclusive IP – Patents member in Taiwan)

Dominic Wai & Deep & Far

Finally, here we see Dominic at the offices of HW Group Inc., meeting with IR member Joe Chang (middle left: exclusive Tax (Accountants) and Tax (Law) member in Taiwan), IR Rising Star Trista Wu (middle right) and their colleague Kenny Lu (right, who also recently attended the IR Global Annual Conference, Amsterdam).

Dominic Wai & HW Group2

If you are due to be travelling and would like to meet fellow members of the group, please get in touch with your Client Manager or via the IR Global Head Office for an introduction ([email protected]). 

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