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The Torrey Firm

Having spent years in large law firms with a hefty overhead, Rebecca Torrey founded The Torrey Firm on the principle that employers should have extraordinary resources available at reasonable rates. 

“We represent employers in litigation and advise management on a broad range of employment matters. From creating effective personnel practices to defending employers at trial, we have the experience and judgement to help manage the maze of regulation and the risk of litigation that comes with it.”

“As workplaces reflect societal developments, leadership and culture, changes in personnel practices will occur. We assist businesses in looking ahead strategically and collaboratively to improve human resource practices and reduce unnecessary risk.”

If you’d like to find out more, get in touch with Rebecca by emailing [email protected]

Messner Reeves LLP

Messner Reeves provides the full range of legal services to a diverse group of clients—from individual entrepreneurs to Fortune 500 companies.

“We are as excited about working with the small business owner as we are the largest corporation because, for us, it’s all about maximizing potential. We develop the legal strategies that can help propel the minor operation to the next level or the next ten levels—whether that means doubling in size or becoming a worldwide, publicly-traded enterprise.”

Messner Reeves serve family-owned and emerging enterprises, entrepreneurs, insurance carriers and agencies, banks and other financial institutions, venture capital funds, engineering firms, real estate developers, and individuals.

“No other law firm is structured quite like we are. At Messner Reeves, we act as general counsel to an amazing array of clients which makes us a large consumer of legal services on our clients’ behalf. That means we are able to maintain a perspective—as both a client and a firm.”

If you’d like to get in touch with Messner Reeves, please contact [email protected]

Broadhurst LLC

Broadhurst LLC is a boutique law firm in the Cayman Islands with a range of expertise in dispute resolution and corporate law. With a presence in Grand Cayman for over 24 years, the firm is known most recently for its successes in bankruptcy and insolvency litigation as well as its completion of one of Cayman’s largest telecommunications and broadcasting acquisitions. 

Chambers and Partners describe Broadhurst LLC as “an expanding Cayman Islands law firm with a thriving team of expert litigators. It handles a wide variety of matters, including shareholder, commercial and investment fund disputes, as well as insolvency and restructuring cases. It has further expertise in regulatory, insurance, personal injury, trust and property disputes, among other work.” 

Contact Kyle by reaching out to [email protected]


Comptafid Benelux is a Belgian company that was formed in 1978 to provide accountancy and tax advice, to both national and international clients. Headquartered in the capital of Europe, Brussels, the business is committed to producing high-quality work on a personal basis, delivered and aimed at practical solutions.

“With vast international experience, we emphasise our knowledge of languages and different legal cultures, incorporating English, French, Dutch and German. We specialise in corporate and tax, consolidation, commercial transactions and litigation.”

“To continually improve our service, we remain a member of the European network of independent consultants, Transnational Taxation Network (TTN). TTN is a multi-disciplinary association of tax, accounting and trust practitioners.”

To discuss working with Comptafid, contact Yves Lecot by emailing [email protected]

Einbinder & Dunn LLP

Einbinder & Dunn’s story begins in 1990, when Michael Einbinder and Terrence Dunn became partners. They shared a vision to offer clients real value—by providing personalized, yet cost-effective legal services.

They employ a team of professional, highly dedicated associate attorneys and two paralegals, in addition to other support staff, all of whom share the partner’s vision of a sophisticated yet personalized practice. Based in Midtown Manhattan, with offices in White Plains and Millburn, New Jersey, Einbinder & Dunn serves mid-size and larger companies as well as small businesses and entrepreneurs. 

“Our practice focuses on a range of key areas, including franchise law, commercial litigation, real estate law, business law, fashion law, restaurant law and trusts and estates. This range of highly diverse but interrelated areas of focus represent an array of proficiencies that our firm utilizes to conceive unique, interdisciplinary strategies – the likes of which larger firms lack the versatility to employ – which are finely tuned to the individual needs of each client.”

For more information on how Michael can assist you, please contact him directly via: [email protected]

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