Martyn Fiddler Assets, the new name of ICM Wealth

From the 23 May 2022, ICM Wealth will be re-branded as Martyn Fiddler Assets to join its sister companies Martyn Fiddler Aviation and Martyn Fiddler Tax.

For over 40 years, Martyn Fiddler Aviation has resolved complex ownership and tax issues for business aircraft. Now, due to overwhelming client demand, we are integrating the ICM Wealth to our Martyn Fiddler brand to harmonise our complete offering to clients.

Martyn Fiddler Assets will provide the same innovative and tax compliant approach to solving clients’ ownership tax issues for high value assets including investment portfolios, residential and commercial property,  intellectual property and much more. We apply the same excellent service standards and time scales our aviation clients expect, setting us apart from traditional private wealth service providers.

The trademarks of our Martyn Fiddler approach to clients are:

Tailored services: we ensure the approach we advocate for our clients is based on their circumstances, we do not provide generic products that suit us rather than our clients.

Dedicated, experienced, well trained staff with personality: we operate a selective recruitment policy and provide a healthy, enjoyable, professional working environment. The result is that we have a low staff turnover rate meaning our clients benefit from a stable, experienced, knowledgeable, educated, professional team. A specific member of staff is allocated a client portfolio and will be known to them on a first name basis.

“Top to Toe” administration: a client’s named team member will look after an entity from its’ incorporation to its dissolution, through tax advice, purchase, trading and/or VAT registration and beyond. They will work with our other specialist departments (tax, customs, statutory, bookkeeping and accounts, legal and compliance) but will always be the client’s point of contact. This familiarity of asset entity and client means our administrators have the experience and authority to spot issues and opportunities ahead of time and make better informed decisions and suggestions for the benefit of our clients.

Please contact [email protected] to discuss how the Martyn Fiddler Asset team can help you with your clients’ worldwide assets.

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