“Make in India” Series 2

Indian Prime Minister’s three nation visit to Germany, France and Canada with the thrust on “Make in India” can easily be seen as a mood of this 12 month old Government. The growth in the GDP in 2014-15 and with IMF projecting India as overtaking China in growth rate in 2017-18, these is just the reflection of how the India Story is gaining in strength. Further with Capital market booming and the nerves associated with trade deficit begining to settle down it is not far that the “Make in India” chant will be on everyones mouth.

But as is said the earlier the better, hence I request everyone to start exploring with your clients and others,  the areas which suits them the best, in investing in India. I feel this is the right time to grab the oppartunity.

We, at S. K. Surana & Co., are there to give all our best services to all who are interested in this “sea change” drive of the Indian Government.

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