Loo Meng Gee On Can My Expertise Be Turned Into A Biz


Loo Meng Gee started her own business after spending her initial years as an accountant and an auditor.

She currently helps companies to maintain their corporate accounts and statutory obligations.

In her speech, she shared about:

02:07 Her family background

03:20 Her career journey

04:36 Her company, its origins and how her past experiences helped

07:45 What are your priorities?

10:04 Mindset Transformation Is Necessary

12:06 What am I good at?

18:14 How does Meng Gee get her clients?

21:05 Importance of being in the right place at the right time

28:10 What is a viable business?

30:17 Find gaps to fill for the employer

34:45 Challenges

The Art of Career thanks Meng Gee for her tips and the realities of being a business owner.