Log Book No. 129 – September 2019

Published 02 October 2019 by Galion

Economic redundancy :

Connections between the time frames for administrative and judicial remedies.

Unfitness for work :

Clarification relating to the obligation of redeployment.

Discipline :

Sanctions for concealing remuneration overpayments.

Psychological harassment :

Impact of an occupational accident covered by social security on compensation for harassment.

Health and safety :

Extension of the prejudice of anxiety.

Procedure :

Accelerated labour court procedure and resignation.

Dismissal :

Impact, on the amount of compensation, of serious misconduct committed during the notice period.

« Macron » schedule :

Position of the Court of appeal of Reims on the validity of the schedule.

Justice :

Decrees and catch-all order relating to the reform of the judicial system.