Published 16 November 2016 by Sérvulo & Associados

The Decree-Law no. 128/2014, of August 29 has established the legal regime of the operation of the local lodging, by empowering of this type of establishment.

The existing legal framework has recently been amended by Decree-Law No. 63/2015, of April 23,
although its entry into force only occurs 60 days after its publication.

Of the amendments introduced it is worth to highlight the amendment regarding the exploitation of
local lodging establishments.

Pursuant to Decree-Law No. 128/2014, of 29 August it was established the forbiddance on the
exploitation by the same owner or holder of exploitation of more than 9 lodging establishments in
apartment modality. With the amendment introduced by Decree-Law No. 63/2015, of April 23, this
forbiddance shall only be applied if the number of establishments exceeds 75% of the number of
existing fractions in the building, i.e., the holder of exploration can explore more than 9 apartments in
local lodging as long as these 9 apartments do not represent more than 75% of the building. For
example, in a building composed of 15 apartments it may have 11 apartments in local lodging exploited
by the same holder.

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