LegalPlus joins IR as the exclusive Private Equity & Venture Capital Member in Guatemala

IR Global, the world’s largest exclusive network of advisory firms is delighted to introduce Mauricio Duarte of LegalPlus. Mauricio has joined IR as our exclusive Private Equity & Venture Capital Member in Guatemala.

LegalPlus is a business and technology oriented law firm. We specialize in providing legal advisory services that fit the business model, stage and demands of our clients’. Understanding our clients’ business and goals allow us to provide spot on legal solutions that meet their true needs and resources. Unlike traditional law firms, at LegalPlus we maximize our efforts through technology and add real value to our clients.

At LegalPlus, we are proud to represent a broad and diverse group of domestic and international clients; ranging from emerging startups to multi-national corporations and non-profit entities. Advising diverse clients have provided us with vast experience and extensive understanding of what a client needs, based on their business stage and goals.

If you have a requirement in this area, please get in touch with Mauricio directly or with the IR Global head office for an introduction.

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